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Chandresh is a 7th generation spiritual guide who specializes in the Eastern sciences of healing and transformation. He is a disciple of his father, His Holiness Shri Chamunda Swami, who is universally recognized as an authority in the field of spirituality. In his earlier years, Chandresh was also trained by his grandfather Shri Ratan Pindorvi, a highly acknowledged spiritual healer from Punjab, India. To serve and help others to the best of his ability, Chandresh regularly visits sacred spiritual places in...

Aug 12, 2014

Blog: Questioning your Answers

Why Everyone in Hollywood Needs to Meditate
The death of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams has left me shocked. I loved Jumanji as a kid, and to this day it still remains my favorite movie. His work in Good Will Hunting was nothing short of excellent. Reading that suicide was the apparent cause of his passing disturbs me deeply. This is not the first time that Hollywood has dealt with suicide. Sadly, it happens often in this land of dreams. While working in Hollywood, I have witnessed that wealth and fame can only contribute to a small degree of happiness. Sooner or later, the soul craves for the meaning of life. Meditation shouldn't be confined to a certain group – it works for everyone and must be practiced globally. I’ve been a spiritual advisor in Hollywood for a few years now, and I strongly feel that meditation should be a mandatory ritual for everyone working in the entertainment business. Few of my clients have been introduced to meditation via a Transcendental Meditation event organized by director David Lynch. While Lynch’s work is praiseworthy – and his TM events have created a lot of excitement about the power of meditation among celebrities – there is still a great deal of awareness about the practice that needs to be spread. Nothing will ever be enough. I’ve had a very satisfying experience with my Hollywood clients (or seekers, as I call them), but there are still many pe